3 Mistakes That Could Potentially Block Traffic to Your Mobile Site

Mobile users are taking over the internet. A recent study showed that almost 60% of internet surfers use their smartphones and tablets for this purpose. This huge demand for internet data on smaller devices than on desktop screens has created a huge scope for mobile marketing. Companies are feeling the need to re-design their websites so that it adapts on smaller screens just as well. The larger chunk of their target audience is in the mobile market. But just having a mobile site is not enough.

Mobile websites have to be integrated with SEO so that they rank higher in the mobile SERPs. Search engines have adapted and changed their workings to fit the smaller devices. Mobile websites have to be free of certain mistakes that cost them a lot of traffic. What are these and how can you ensure that your mobile website does not reflect them?

Unresponsive Design

You can design the most responsive desktop website but it would have no say on the responsiveness of your mobile website. The website has to be responsive in the sense that it has the same structure regardless of the device it opens in. When someone visits your website on a desktop, they should get the same amount of information that they would find on their mobile. Separate websites for mobile and desktop is not good for your ranking. Your customers and search engines love one website optimized for all devices.

 Too Much Loading Time

Finally, your mobile website is complete and you cannot wait to release it. Wait, are you sure it is ready? Many mobile sites suffer from a problem called slow-loading. Your potential customers would run away when they see your home page still loading after 5 seconds. You are in for a neck-to-neck competition. Improve the loading time by reducing server response time, enabling browser cache, and optimize the images and other rich content.

 Blocking Search Engine Bots

Website designers want to make a mobile website completely in sync with the SEO tactics to rank higher. In doing so, sometimes they block access to certain aspects of the website. However, if the crawlers and bots don’t get access to the crucial elements it requires to rank you, then that would spell trouble for your traffic. Thoroughly check the technical components of your website for potential problems.

A mobile site that has been optimized in the way that attracts search engines would also attract customers. Avoid the mistakes that you found above. Optimize your mobile website to reflect the changes in SEO rules but don’t change it too often. A consistent but user-friendly design across all devices would ensure that you have one less thing to worry about. We are dubai based seo company will help you to get more attention.

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